The location provides the opportunity for fishing on the open sea, in deep fjords and in shallow water.
In the deep seas you can fish for rose fish. The deep fjord has Gård plenty of cod; fishing during March, April and May can provide a very good catch. The pollock also arrives from the sea in early spring. A visit during the spring months can therefore be very worthwhile.

Assisted by a local skipper you can reach the areas further out to sea. There is plenty of mackerel during the summer, and coalfish can be found everywhere around the small islands surrounding Vikna. These islands provide good shelter on windy days.

During the summer, Løvøen Gård is an excellent place for anyone who wants to familiarise themselves with fishing from a small boat. Large fish are more common during the spring, whilst large numbers of fish are normal during summer.
Løvøen Gård is also located in the middle of a breeding ground for seabirds and wading birds, and the nocturnal sounds they makeare an adventure in itself. This can be experienced more intensely during the spring. Maybe birdwatching? How about a sea eagle safari? We also have a large population of sea eagles.
We have maps showing the many and varied hiking trails on Vikna. Experience the amazing natural landscape here at the edge of the sea!

The possibilities are endless, we provide!